3 Things To Do When Creativity Leaves You

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Junkyard Blues-By Chloe Cuthbert
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I didn’t leave those skid marks, promise :)
  1. Do something different.
    I spent most of the day Sunday scrounging around a junkyard with my husband, searching for a Jeep that would hold a radiator that would work in his Jeep. I am not a mechanic. Nor am I very mechanically inclined. However, he gave me a list of different year, make, and models that would work, and I set off in the opposite direction from him and went on a search. I also took pictures that I thought were interesting. Different angles of the yard that looked neat, really old vehicles, etc. It gave me a different perspective of things. And some cool story ideas.
  2. Don’t write.
    *Gasp* I know. Blasphemy. But seriously. Don’t force it. Take a day off. I know this is the antithesis of what you’re always hearing, but I am serious. When you work a regular job, don’t you take time off? You don’t work 7 days a week, normally, do you? Then why would you do it for any other career? I know, numbers, stats, etc. But it will not kill your reputation, numbers, etc. to take some time for yourself and your well-being. And if you’re forcing it, your readers will know. And it won’t be authentic and it won’t be good, to be completely honest.
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Look at this poor guy, see what happens when you work too hard?

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Take a breath. Give yourself space. Do something different. Go outside. Your writing will be better for it, but most of all, YOU will be better for it. And it will shine through.

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