Telling our children their emotions are gender based is harmful.

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One of the most vivid memories I have from childhood centers on emotions. My brother was angry often, and my mother always chalked it up to him simply being male. However, if I dared show anger about anything, I was told it wasn’t ladylike. Similarly, if he showed anything resembling…

Psychological detoxing is not only freeing, it’s eye-opening.

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When life gets difficult, I’m the type of person who goes ghost. Not with those nearest to me, but my online presence all but disappears. …

Happiness doesn’t have to be attached to a white picket fence.

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The happily ever after (HEA) trope can often be seen as another tool of the patriarchy. Want to ensure your life will be filled with meaning, happiness, and hope, as a woman? Find the man of your dreams and watch the sparks fly. Hallmark movies are some of the worst…

So why are there so many urban legends surrounding him?

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You may have read it on the internet or heard it from a friend: Before Fred Rogers became beloved TV legend Mister Rogers, he was a sniper in the Vietnam War. …

An American Dies from COVID-19 every 30 seconds, isn’t this enough reason to mask up?

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They’re uncomfortable, make your face sweat, and can cause ‘maskne’. Face masks, the new bra. But as much of a pain as they are to wear regularly, imagine the pain you’d be in if you contracted COVID-19. …

We’re all tired of looking at the same four walls, but that doesn’t excuse destructive behavior.

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Every time I think people can’t amaze me further with their stupidity, I’m sadly mistaken. Yes, stupidity. Or would you rather I say dangerous behavior? Either works.

As of today, in the United States alone, there have been 13.7m cases of the novel coronavirus, with almost 270k deaths.

What in…

I’ve been fat my entire life, but I know how to remedy it.

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I wish I lost weight the way I lose things.

If this were true, I would be the size I’ve dreamed of since I left my teen years and started really putting on the pounds. I also wish I was as ‘fat’ now as I thought I was then. …

Music is the great connector for so many.

Halsey at MTV Awards: Wikimedia Commons

My bonus daughter is nine and she’s learning to express herself through music more. Whereas in the past, she mostly listened to whatever was around her, lately, I’ve noticed her choosing her own way. …

They aren’t missing the point, they just don’t care.

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I’ll admit, there was a time when I couldn’t see anything wrong with the statement, “All Lives Matter”. I didn’t think about it much, but on the surface, it appeared to make sense.

We need to normalize changing our minds when faced with fresh information. There’s nothing wrong with admitting…

Giving ourselves a little grace in this difficult time is important.

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I saw this on social media a couple of days ago and it’s stayed with me. There’s no known author that I can find.

I heard that we are all in the same boat, but it’s not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same…

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