Telling our children their emotions are gender based is harmful.

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One of the most vivid memories I have from childhood centers on emotions. My brother was angry often, and my mother always chalked it up to him simply being male. However, if I dared show anger about anything, I was told it wasn’t ladylike. Similarly, if he showed anything resembling…

We’re all tired of looking at the same four walls, but that doesn’t excuse destructive behavior.

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Every time I think people can’t amaze me further with their stupidity, I’m sadly mistaken. Yes, stupidity. Or would you rather I say dangerous behavior? Either works.

As of today, in the United States alone, there have been 13.7m cases of the novel coronavirus, with almost 270k deaths.

What in…

They aren’t missing the point, they just don’t care.

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I’ll admit, there was a time when I couldn’t see anything wrong with the statement, “All Lives Matter”. I didn’t think about it much, but on the surface, it appeared to make sense.

We need to normalize changing our minds when faced with fresh information. There’s nothing wrong with admitting…

Chloe Cuthbert

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