Agreed. Just as there are some things that should be kept private, also, we should all realize that once it is put out there into the world, it is no longer private, and take responsibility for that. Whether it is Facebook, an online journal, etc. Even if we have our privacy settings zipped up to the hilt, all it takes is one person sharing it, without our permission even, and it’s out there, period.
The best way to keep something secret is to keep it to yourself. If you don’t want it shared, then don’t share it.

As a writer, I share a lot. I know I open myself up to scrutiny and more. Since I am aware of this, I am prepared for it, as best as I can be.
Not everyone is, and they seem so surprised each time they are called on the carpet with their own words.

Thank you for sharing

I think, therefore, I write. /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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