All those songs.

It’s funny, not haha, that you guys wrote about this today. I was just thinking of an old friend who just could not seem to go for anyone other than straight men. We would sit and talk, usually drunk, until the wee hours of the morning, about all the guys he had loved before, unrequited, every one of them straight. And I would ask, every time, why? I would introduce him to “masculine” gay friends who were akin to the straight men chased, and he would find fault with each one.

In the end, I found that he just loathed himself sadly, and he craved the rejection. It truly made me sad for him. He was a wonderful person and friend but due to his upbringing and being cast out of his family when he came out, leaving home and moving half a country away, he just never was able to accept himself.

He took his own life eventually, and is one of many reasons I will always and forever be an ally, even if I were not Queer myself.

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