As a writer, and reviewer, I can completely understand all of this. I’ve had so many people message me on multiple platforms asking for me to review their books. No hello, hi, nothing. Just shoving their book down my throat, so to speak. I don’t charge anything for a review, it’s unethical. But I do offer editing/proofreading services in a variety of packages. It would be lovely to be contacted much earlier in the process, even if it’s just for a final review at my lowest rate, for a last look. I would gladly throw in a review of the novel with that service!

Obviously, I don’t and wouldn’t require that of anyone, but it really would be nice every once in awhile.

As you said, a hello would be fantastic as well.

I have one author friend on facebook who is just wonderful. She provides ARCs, has conversations with you, is truly grateful for all reviews before and after release. She’s a joy to deal with, and I truly enjoy all of our interactions. She’s the model by which I wish all writers would form themselves.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

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