As difficult as this was to read, I made myself do it. Because your story deserves to be heard. Because something has to change. And sadly, it hasn’t.

I am terrified my daughter will deal with similar things. She’s only eight, but already beginning to look like a woman. Her father and I can only do what we can to teach her, but not knowing whether school administrators will back up what we teach her, not knowing if her birth mother will back up what we teach her, it’s a terrifying concept.

Due to bullying of a different nature, I pulled one of my boys from public school. Administrators and teachers did NOTHING to stop it. He was told to ‘man up’.

I don’t want to put my daughter in the same position. It’s such a double edged sword.

I am so sorry you dealt with this, and the ensuing consequences, especially knowing the boys who dealt it out probably went on to live their lives as if they did nothing wrong.


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