Char Diehm honestly, I believe everyone has something new to bring to the conversation. It’s YOUR voice, so how can it be exactly the same as what someone else is saying? Just my thoughts.

As for the internet, yes, for those of us who utilize it for work, it definitely goes on the important list. For me, right now, I had to put it at the bottom, even though I do use it daily to freelance. In home internet would have done me absolutely no good without electricity! It’s a priority, just much further down the list.

Since this writing, I’ve still been unable to get that damned bill paid and to add insult to injury, I broke my back less than a week ago. I believe the world is trying to tell me to slow down, or something like that 😁

Thank you for your thoughtful response, I appreciate being able to engage with you.

I think, therefore, I write. /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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