Charlene Baker thanks for your responses! Your highlights and the responses crack me up :)
We’ve commented back and forth before, and I somehow knew you’d agree with this one wholeheartedly.
Some people just seem to have this effed up notion that couples, married or not, have to be up each others butts constantly. Nah, really not.
Now, I’m not going to say there aren’t times when I REALLY want to write and he’s not talking or trying to show me a video of something (I think is) dumb. It happens. My kids are the worst for it (ok they are adults, but they are still my kids). But for the most part, he knows when I have my face in the computer, I am working. He knows what this site looks like. He knows when I am furiously typing and clicking and copying and pasting, it is probably a really good idea, for his health, to leave me the eff alone.

Thanks again for your responses, I appreciate you!

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