Communication is the Key to Success; Degree or Not

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Vikrant, this is so true. I was lucky, and still am, in that I was taught excellent communication skills from early childhood by my grandfather. He absolutely loved to debate. He would randomly choose a topic, tell me to research it, and tell me what side I had to argue. It didn’t matter if it turned out it was the side I would be against, I had to argue it. I surely didn’t understand that as a young person, but it has served me well as an adult. He also taught me that if you feel passionately about something, by all means, stand your ground, however, don’t make an ass of yourself by talking about something you know nothing about. RESEARCH!!
Most things that I utilize today in my work (writing) I did learn in school, public education, not college. The rest, I learned in the school of life. Thank you so much for your response.

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