Curt, thank you for sharing this.

As a skeptic, because I was taught to learn things for myself and not to believe immediately what I read/hear, this makes me angry. As a human being, it makes me even angrier.

I think you’re absolutely correct. Raving bigots/lunatics/etc. are not much to be concerned with, in regard to any topic. Anyone with half a brain will dismiss them for what they are. Looners.

However, when someone presents themselves as an “expert”, and calmly “explains” themselves, some people will listen. People would rather be told what to believe rather than do the research themselves. Especially when, in their minds, it doesn’t hit home.

If an average person doesn’t have a transgender person in their lives, they may not seek out information. Why would they? (in their minds) Not my circus mentality. However, if that same average person claims to be a seeker of knowledge, but doesn’t want to do much in the way of seeking, a pseudo-skeptic like you’re talking about, would be the “perfect” source of information.

It’s scary and it’s screwed up.

I think, therefore, I write. /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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