Fantastic read, as usual. I have always told myself that once my children were adults, then I would travel like that (world travel). My husbands before never wanted to travel. Then, I got married this most recent time, and he was afraid to fly. So I put the dreams on hold indefinitely. Now, I am “free” to dream again. But financially, I have no idea how I will even pay my bills, much less travel. I just realized my passport expires in 4 months. I got to use it once in 10 years. But I am still spending this week writing down all of the things I have allowed others to put on hold for me. And I will make one year and 5 year plans. I may be older now, older than I would truly like to be to be doing these things alone, but it’s never supposed to be too late, right?

Thank you for sharing, and reminding me that I’m still supposed to have dreams.

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