First of all, you are phenomenally creative. I absolutely love your art style. I wish I could draw a straight line with a ruler. Now, on to your words. I love this. I have always been a crier. Has it helped me? I don’t know. I just know I do it. I cry when I’m sad, mad, super angry, depressed, happy. But as time goes on, I tend to cry more when I’m angry. I was told a lot when I was younger that I was a cry baby, by my mother. My father told me it was ok for me to cry whenever I felt I needed to do so. My mother was abusive, so I “sucked it up”, because I did not want to make her angry. Therefore, sucking it up, I’m sure, made me angry, and I guess that’s how it presents itself now, that i’m 40. What I tried to take away from all of that was to be a more understanding and non-abusive twat of a parent, and let my boys be their own emotional equivalents of themselves. I can only hope it worked.
Thank you so much for sharing, this was fantastic.

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