Get out of my head, woman! I jest, but really. I think that sadly, there are so many of us who could have written this. I wasn’t quite in my thirties, but I definitely didn’t get the same oral treatment I gave out, that’s for sure. We grew up in the same era, that horrible “pussy smells like fish” bullshit was around throughout my entire time in high school as well. As someone else already mentioned, there is a funk to some guys, especially if they are athletic, that they don’t seem to give a fuck about.

Dude, you want my face there, take a shower. Otherwise, it’s not happening.

I enjoy giving BJs, they can be fun. And I won’t lie, there are days I’m just not into the full on sex treatment, and would rather give my husband a BJ and be done with it. It makes him happy, and it keeps me from feeling bad that I’m gonna say no to sex. My choice, not anything he’s ever asked for/said.

To get the same treatment in return is wonderful, and it’s a fairly new concept for me. Really, only since I’ve been married to this husband, and in relationships with women in the past.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

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