I almost threw my laptop when I read that you’re 51. Just saying, you don’t look it, AT ALL.
My body betrays me daily due to autoimmune disease and it pisses me the fuck off. Then the highlighted portion of the article kicks in when I’m trying to exercise, and I just say fuck it. I’ll be chubby forever, most likely. I just try not to look in the mirror, but since my tub that I love to soak in is surrounded by mirrors that’s unlikely.
At 40, I am most likely having the same issue, I’m not exactly where I thought I would be by this point in my life, so I’m deflecting.
I will say, being 40 and being married to a hot 24 year old does kinda help ;) ha!

I think, therefore, I write. ccuthbertauthor@gmail.com /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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