I believe it, because I remember. And quite honestly, I also am aware that coming from one man to another, a lot of the time, it works even better. Most men do not truly want to look stupid in front of another man, especially one in a position of power. At least in the days you are referring to. So yes, reminding someone to have some common sense about themselves was effective.

My husband went on a call a few nights ago, he’s a volunteer fire fighter/first responder. It came through as an overdose. His department only allows their members to run calls in their personal vehicle if it is a medical call, and at least one truck has responded (for their med kit etc)

The kid was clearly OD’ed on something. The girlfriend was the one who called 911, but wouldn’t answer any questions about what he had taken/done. Protocol is to administer Narcan, which was done, and immediately brought the patient to wakefulness.

Protocol also dictates that they attempt to find out from the patient what he/she took. This kid swore up and down that he just passed out, had taken nothing, etc. I’m sure you know as well as I, Narcan will not fix anything other than a drug overdose.

Nothing that was said to this kid could convince him he wouldn’t be arrested, etc for just being honest. The paramedics don’t care what you took, they just need to know. He attempted to refuse transport once fully awake and alert, but protocol bit him in the ass.

If Narcan is administered by a medical professional in the field, hospital transport is required.

I’ll never understand calling emergency services, then refusing to help them help you or your loved one. That should just be common sense.

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