I Have No Idea What the Hell I’m Doing, How About You?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Medium. It’s one of my favorite places on the internet.

But I really don’t understand how certain parts of it work, and I don’t know that I ever will.

For example, I had 2 stories behind the paywall in March that did fairly well. One was my own, not in a publication. To be quite honest, I almost had heart failure when I saw how much it garnered. It received 145 claps, 98 views, 51 reads, and had 9 fans. I made $104.

The other story was in a publication. Actually there were 2 in that publication now that I think about it. One received 1.2K claps, 1.6K views, 1K reads, and had 135 fans. The other, 239 claps, 214 view, 134 reads, and 23 fans. I made $80 total for both stories.

That makes absolutely zero sense to me.

I know the publication takes 30%, which is totally fine with me, so I know it was more like $100, but still. No sense. I am no math wiz. But I can’t make it add up. At all.

I’m not complaining, that’s way more money than I made last month ($9). So things are looking up! I would just like to understand things a bit more so I know what to do differently, or better.

My main reason for being here is to provide content to help others, not make millions. But I am trying to provide for my family as well, and I’m honest about that. I do my best to tell stories, about my life mostly, in the hope that what I’ve gone through, and still am going through, will resonate with others and help them through things of their own.

And if there’s a dollar or two to be had there, then so be it. If not, that’s 100% okay as well.

I’ve recently started my own publication, Down A Rabbit Hole. I love submitting to a few publications here and decided I would like to start my own, for anyone who feels they are trapped in spaces that keep them from writing exactly what they feel. I know we all have the choice to self-publish. But sometimes, it is nice to feel like a part of a community, and still be able to say what we want. I would like DARH to be an open place, where people can feel free to post long-reads, fiction or non-fiction, short stories, poetry, essentially anything they want to, be vulnerable, authentic, real. To open up, go down that proverbial rabbit hole and see where it takes them.

If you are interested in joining this community, feel free to check out my article posted there and leave a comment, public or private and I’ll be happy to add you as a writer. Or you’re welcome to just follow and see where it leads you.

I think, therefore, I write. ccuthbertauthor@gmail.com /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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