I think keeping a journal is underrated. Even if it’s in bullet form, word vomit form, or page after page; just write. In my experience, that’s been the best form of therapy. My grandfather actually taught me to journal. He kept one on his desk, it was more of a daily planner, but had a couple of pages, lined, for each day. He would write in the weather, what he planted in the garden, what went on around the farm that day, etc. Well, I thought that was all he was writing. When he passed away, I had the opportunity to look at some of them (he kept every one) and I realized that he noted EVERYTHING. “Chloe came to visit today and we played croquet for hours. That little girls wears me out, but she also keeps me young.” I cried for hours. I remember catching him sitting at his huge wooden desk going back through the older planners and smiling or frowning, and I just thought he was checking to see what he needed to do based on a previous year; now I know why.
I don’t know what that has to do with being productive, but it helped me to make a plan for my life and what I want to leave for my children.

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