I won’t say I ‘enjoyed’ this per se, but I appreciated the fuck out of it. I grew up and still live in the South. Obviously I’m a white woman. I grew up with a racist mother. The rest of my family, not racist. I’m thankful as hell I learned from the rest of my family.

You’re definitely not alone in your thoughts and feelings. I grew up with quite a few black friends, some male. Their mothers made it abundantly clear that we best just be friends! They had no desire for their sons to date white women. None of them were ever rude about it, they made their points eloquently and clear. And I completely understood it. As I got older, I could see exactly what they meant. There were girls I went to school with who did what you talked about, only wanted to date the black male athletes. I was naive and didn’t understand why. There were perfectly sweet, attractive, and kind black men who weren’t athletes, why not date them?

What’s ironic to me now is, those men grew up to make a lot more money than the athletes did. They became business men, computer scientists, etc.

But they weren’t on track to be multi-millionaire athletes.

I appreciate your candor. Thank you so much for sharing.

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