I’m sorry you have to deal with this. A woman I know is morbidly obese and has resorted to wearing big men’s tops in order to have something that fits comfortably. It makes me angry for her and for you that these seem to be her only options.

She jokes she needs to buy her clothing from “Ari the Tent Maker”. It’s self deprecating humor to cover for how much the situation bothers her. She has thyroid issues and an auto-immune disorder that precludes her from losing weight easily. And she’s diabetic.

I don’t know the answer. I know LuLaRoe carried tops that seem to fit larger sizes, but they also start at close to $40. I love their leggings, personally. They have an extended size in those now as well, TC2. I believe they are supposed to fit size 24 and up.

I hope this helps some.

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