I’m Still Fat, Even Though I Probably Am Not

Thank you for sharing this. I was morbidly obese, according to all the “charts” for many years. After extensive dieting, exercise, etc. I am finally just “fat”, I guess, even though I hear all the time now, “Oh you are so skinny now, what did you do?!?!” from all the truly skinny people in my life. I am 5'5 and 160 lbs. I was 260 lbs at my heaviest. That’s the person I still see in the mirror. When I get on the scale, I do a double take. After years of being called fat (and that was the nicest thing I was called) I just can not see myself as being anything else.
I want to be positive enough in my own skin to be that girl who can wear a crop top in public, but knowing that person is out there who will most likely say “She shouldn’t be wearing that”, will always keep me from doing so.
Thank you for sharing this. ❤

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