In the state where I reside, the IQ of 66 is considered ‘disabled’ and will grant that person an SSI check for life. I have a nephew and his wife who went through this same problem with their two children. His wife has an IQ of 68 and has been receiving SSI because of that alone since she was about 15 years old. He receives SSI because of mental illness. Upon giving birth to their oldest daughter, she was seen by a nurse sitting on the floor outside of her room, taking a moment to herself. The baby was safely in the bassinet. The nurse called DSS. The baby was removed from their care immediately. It took 4 months and myself being named her guardian before she was returned to them. When they had their second daughter just a year later, she was immediately removed from their care from the hospital and we went through the same thing all over again. It was a ridiculous nightmare. They are perfectly capable of caring for their daughters, loving, attentive, and give them everything they could ever want or need. The girls are 5 and 4 now and are very healthy, well-developed, intelligent, and happy.
This type of labeling is ridiculous. Especially when there are children actually being abused and ignored.

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