Is it okay that I laughed some through this post? I really hope it is. I teared up too.

I’ve been where you are, kind of. It’s not a dildo, but a pair of boots.

When I was a Professional Domme, I had a couple of online only clients. I also had an Amazon Wishlist they could purchase items for me from. One of them sent an amazing pair of latex thigh high boots. The awesome thing about the wishlist is, you can set it where people can purchase stuff for you, and they never have to know your address. (Idea for later, if you ever end up in a similar situation again, you can get the guy to buy that dildo for you instead of buying it yourself!)

Anywhore, this client purchased the boots and had them shipped. I love them. I only wear them for pictures. I’m clumsy as fuck and can’t walk in heels very well. He ended up severing services because he got married and his new wife wasn’t too fond of him sending me money for degrading him. I guess she thought she would do a better job in person!

It made me sad because he truly was a nice guy and a fabulous client. I can’t get rid of the boots. Just can’t. But I also can’t wear them anymore. They just keep getting moved when I move, and kept in the closet. My husband knows where they came from, and he just chuckles when he comes across them.

Great article, ma’am, thanks for sharing!

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