It doesn’t matter if the men involved are totally on-board. — well of course not, because they’ve obviously been bewitched by our evil charms.

if you can’t keep your woman under control, then what kind of man are you? — gay, cuckolded, a pansy…you get my drift (obviously not what I think! But what naysayers do)

My polyandrous relationship works well for my life and I don’t see how it actually affects anyone who is not a part of it — THIS. This is the bottom line for so many things. LGBTQ, Poly, swinging, etc. I’ve often asked, how in the hell does gay marriage affect your straight marriage? It doesn’t, unless someone in yours is secretly gay.

This piece is amazing, thank you so much for sharing, Elle. I have only met, in person, one lady who was polyandrous. Unfortunately, she was not as intelligent as you. I tried talking to her about her situation, as I am a curious creature by nature. She took that as me trying to move in on one of her husbands, I guess. I’m still not sure exactly what was going on there.

At the time, I was married to my second husband, and we were polyamorous, not looking to add anyone to what we had going on already. I was just interested in learning more about what her relationships were like. I thought it was very cool.

One of my favorite authors is poly. I believe it works like this; it’s her and her husband, another couple, and one other woman. They kept it under wraps for a long time, but have come out so to speak in the last few years. I presume since it’s the more ‘accepted’ form of poly, she hasn’t caught too much flak.

As long as we live in a patriarchal society, polyandry will never be accepted.

Thank you again, for sharing your story. The more people talk about it, the closer we get to breaking the chains of misogyny.

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