It’s okay. I’m uppity too, apparently. And weird, I was recently told. I let my two year old son have stuffed ponies. So fucking what. He likes them. He treats them like babies. So fucking what. It makes him empathetic to the needs of others. I’m so sick of the gender based bullshit when it comes to kids.

My eight year old daughter loves anything science related. Her bio mom buys her nothing but “girl” stuff. She hates it, but doesn’t want to hurt her mom’s feelings, so she pretends to love it. But when she’s at our house, she gets dirty, likes to know how things work, blow things up (chem sets), dig in the dirt, etc. And we let her, because why not?

Thank you for sharing this. Now i’m just going to wait for Christmas and our daughter to come home and say her mom bought her some barbie she can’t play with, because I bet it will happen. Ugh.

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