Joao, you did a fantastic job recounting this story. Did someone say something about how quiet or calm the ER was? You know any time someone makes that statement, all hell breaks loose!

Thank you for referencing my story, I appreciate you so much.

Even though he’s apparently a cheater, I do still hope he makes it. Hopefully, being gutted has taught him something about life.

What struck me the most in this wasn’t the blood, guts, and gore, but the fact that no one else seemed to give a fuck. It’s the state of our world, and it sickens me. I could not imagine just standing there with my phone out, taking pictures and making a scene. I can understand that not everyone would be comfortable with literally getting their hands dirty, but for fucks sake, there was something they could do to at least help you.

I’ve held someone’s wound closed after being shot with a 9mm, accidentally, and made sure they were as well taken care of as possible until we could reach the ER. Sure, it’s not the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had, but I thought nothing of doing it at the time.

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