Jonathan Greene is your dog’s name Snoop? Say it’s so! Adorable, I just want to snuggle him!

This was great. I can get onboard with most of these. Especially the laundry. Except it stays in the basket folded. Someone has crap piled on top of my dryer!

I love the honesty of children. They give zero fucks. The elderly are the same way. I would rather have conversations with both than most people my age.

Case in point... I was out earlier today and a group of women, it looked like a 50’s aged mom with her two, 30 something daughters, and 2 small kids. One of the daughters was loudly telling the group about going through old texts between herself and who I presume is an ex. The statement was made, “This Mofo said I’m gonna make you marry me one day. Well look at you now, dumb SOB!”

I was in a restaurant. I swear like a sailor. But come on. There are kids everywhere, including her own, most likely. And they are just laughing it up, completely ignoring the kids. Who, one of which, had been trying to get someone’s attention for a good 5 minutes.


I couldn’t help myself, I just died laughing. I know it was wrong. Don’t care. Ignore a 3 year old in favor of gossip at your own peril.

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