Kirsten Legner , you’re most welcome!

Right now, I don’t have any issue with articles being published elsewhere. Yes, it will link back to you on your profile, so do take that into consideration, for example, you may not want to publish the same article yourself and submit to us at the same time, as they will both show up on your profile. See what I mean? However, if it’s cross posted from another blog, etc then it shouldn’t make a difference.

When you’re writing, after you add your tags, etc there should be 3 dots on the top right of your screen. Click that and there is a choice to add to publication.

At this time, you can only do this on PC as far as I know.

It won’t publish immediately, I have to go in and do so, but generally I will in less than 24 hours. If there is a specific date/time you want something published, highlight the title, leave a private note, and tell me. Only you and I will be able to see that note, and since I’m the owner of the publication you’d be submitting to, I will be able to see it before publishing.

I hope that helps!

I think, therefore, I write. /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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