Love this line.

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with this. But I can say, that years ago, when I was much younger, I would have. Now that I’m older and more mature, I completely understand. It was such a struggle having to go to school and pay for everything on my own. It put me in so many difficult situations. I live in the US, and was kicked out of my family home at 17. I have 2 sons, 18 and 23. I just allowed my oldest and his fiance to move back in, they live in my addition, which is like a mother in law suite. They do pay rent and cover their food costs, so they feel independent. But it is more affordable for them and will allow them to be able to save for their own place and not be stressed about living with other people who are not of the same mindset as them.
Do not let others make you feel bad about your situation, and don’t make yourself feel bad either. Your own mindset makes you a man, not your living situation.

Be well.

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