You’re so welcome and thank you, as always, for your thoughtful commentary.

I honestly get it. The fantasy of having two women seems to be entrenched in straight men from childhood. And hey, I wouldn’t say no to the chance of steaming hot sex with two other women!

The fantasy isn’t the problem, per se. It’s the REALITY that becomes the issue. I’ve been there, done that, got the entire wardrobe. Only ONCE did it work out to be a fun situation. The bottom line always was (when it was an issue) that someone felt left out, usually the man but not always, because HEY I GET TO HAVE SEX WITH A WOMAN!! Feelings are flying all over the place.

The time it worked out very well? When everyone going into it knew who they were in the situation. Husband, Wife, Friend. No one got their feelings hurt because they didn’t get x number of minutes attention, etc.

But that is rare as hell.

❤ Peace and love!

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