You are correct, unfortunately. I have seen job postings for entry level positions, requiring college degrees, AND 2 years experience in that field. Could someone please explain to me how you are supposed to have 2 years experience when every.single.position exactly like that requires 2 years+ experience AND a degree???? That has been the case for many years and has never made any sense to me.
Not that I advocate this, but I know people who have fudged on the degree part and the experience part and by sheer magnetism/BS gotten in with major corporations and made their way up the ranks. Granted, this was many moons ago, but the person I know that did this, had the charisma, the tech skills, and the chutzpah to make it happen. I would be TERRIFIED to even try!
It’s just insane and I am so glad that the ability to freelance is available for those of us who choose this type of life. Thanks for your comments :)

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