Now you have me thinking about the first girl who let me touch her boobs. Thanks, Brian. Sheesh.


But seriously. Yes, yes, yes.

This is why I can not, never, ever, meditate. I have tried. Oh so hard. I’ve tried the 20 second meditation, build from that, blah blah. None of it works. My brain never stops. I have internal conversations about the dumbest shit, and it just won’t stop long enough to “blank out” so I can meditate, pray, whatever.

I also rabbit hole easily. I did it this morning. I was searching for some pictures I knew I had uploaded somewhere. Well, somewhere ended up being photobucket, and apparently they’ve changed their shit to a paid service if you have over 250 images. Yeah, I’ve had an account there for over 10 years, so I’m well over their limit. So I tried to go through and quickly delete some old random memes, etc. Turned into 2 hours of a trip down the rabbit hole/memory lane.

I could imagine that you and I talking in person would go on for many hours into the night.

Be well. I hope you have a better day today my friend.

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