Oh, if you want to laugh, or some days cry, please have a kid if you think that’s a good way to have someone to tell what to do. I mean, it is. As long as you don’t expect them to listen!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who wasn’t in the room, but you didn’t realize it until you were finished? Doesn’t that sound fun? Talking to yourself? Just talk to a two year old, it’s the same thing. Do you enjoy repeating yourself, at least 50 times a day? Talk to a two year old.

But I digress.

I loved this. I swear, between the life coach game and televangelists, I’m in the wrong business. They all are making a killing. I looked into how much a Tony Robbins seminar was, once. I almost fell out of my chair.

I think, therefore, I write. ccuthbertauthor@gmail.com /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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