This was very difficult for me to read, but for you, I did.

Only my mother was abusive, thankfully. I know that I was blessed beyond words to have had a loving father, who unfortunately i lost when I was 13. So so much of this though, reminds me of the shit my mother dealt out to me as a child, and would likely still deal out, if I were to allow her in my life; which I do not.

I am so sorry that you lived through this, but am thrilled beyond words that you are HERE NOW. And that you are well on your journey to living your most authentic life, that you are supported by loved ones, that you found your way HERE.

You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are loved.

I am in tears after reading this, not only for the child who endured this, but for the person who wrote it, for myself as well, but for the beauty you captured in words for such a horrific situation.

Much love and respect, always.

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