Saoirse, I am so glad this went well. I love how your wife put this in your opening line. I can only imagine.

Not to compare, at all, but it reminded me of a status I saw from a friend yesterday. He and his gf of a couple of years broke up recently. He posted a status on FB, trying to lighten the statement (he’s a bit of a joker and kind of a public figure), and said “So I stop getting my DM’s blown up, yes K and I broke up weeks ago, 911 was an inside job, aliens are real, and I’ve lost 10 lbs”

One of the commenters said, “Wow man, it’s kind of fucked up that you have to make a public statement about something so personal.”

All I could think was, yeah, it really is. I mean, why are people’s relationships everyone else’s business? Same with people’s sexuality, gender, well, everything??

Most of the time, it’s because other people are nosy as fuck. Oftentimes, it’s the people involved, putting all their business out for the world to know, then wondering why everyone is all up in their kool-aid.

But mostly, it’s because people are fucking nosy. It’s just fucked up that it’s made so difficult when we get to a point where we chose to tell others, something so personal, and it can be a matter of life and death because people are so closed minded.

Take care my friend.

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