Saoirse no, it’s not exclusive to gay or Queer teens by any means. I’ve worked with all teens, and have a straight son as well and have seen it evidenced in both. It just seems more prevalent in the son I’m speaking about here and is what I wanted to focus on presently.

I agree with you to an extent about stressors being higher these days, although I also think a lot of it, in some cases, is due lack of accountability. Some parents are not teaching their kids that, then they get further in school, high school or so, and find out things aren’t as easy as they’ve been led to believe. They’ve been so enabled up to that point, then real life kicks in and they freak out.

The flip side are the kids whose parents expect the world from their kids from day one and never allow them to have a childhood.

It’s a fine line to balance and as you well know as a parent, it’s definitely not easy.

Thank you so much for your thoughts.

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