Saoirse, oh dear lady, the first part of this article had me so angry! I actually scrolled back up to make sure I had not entered the twilight zone. Then I realized you were quoting some ignoramous.

Honestly, I truly feel the amount of trans people is probably higher than reported. I think people are still afraid to report who they truly are, with good reason obviously. And as you’ve said, trans people have been around since the dawn of human beings. Native American people have always recognized the twin spirit, as have many other cultures.

Now, if the rest of the world could just get on board, it would be fantastic.

I’m so glad at least this community is here. You are a human being, deserving of every right as anyone else. You are beautiful, intelligent, and worthy of everything the world has to offer my friend.

I think, therefore, I write. /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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