Saoirse, thank you for this. No, my son is not even close to being a psychopath. I have worked in the mental health field, and dealt with mental illness in some shape or form my entire life. I have seen psychopathic people, and sociopathic people, neither of which my son shows signs of being

A lot of his issue stems from having a father who has belittled and berated him most of his life. His father is a narcissist. For someone who already suffers from low self esteem, this is not helpful in the slightest. He has not spoken to his father in well over a year, and parts of his depression have gotten better since cutting off that relationship.

He has, in the past couple of days, asked me to see about getting an appointment for him in therapy, so things are looking up. I know from experience that therapy isn’t the be all end all, however, if he’s willing to work with a counselor and be honest about how he’s feeling, then there’s hope.

Thank you again, being a parent is never easy, and it’s harder when you have to watch your child suffer through something and you can’t fix it.

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