Shannon, thank you for sharing your story. I know all too well about fat shaming myself. For the first time ever, I finally did something about it, for real, starting last year. I was motivated by my sister, who has been working on her body for about 4 years now, slowly but surely, integrating exercise and healthy eating into her life. Her progress and complete change in mental attitude was like a light going on over my head.

I began eating a low carb, high fat diet, removing sugar completely from my life. Eventually, I added low impact cardio into my day, I have a few illnesses going on as well, and just physically can’t “bust ass” with working out. But what little I added, along with the healthy eating, made a world of difference. One year later, I am down 60 pounds, but even better than that, I feel a million times better.

I still have 30 pounds to go, but knowing how far I’ve come, I know nothing can stop me from knocking that out over time as well.

Best wishes, and keep wearing that t-shirt!!

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