Thank you for sharing this. Honestly, I had no desire whatsoever to go to prom. Even at that age, I saw no point in spending a ridiculous amount of money on a dress I would wear once, spending the evening with people I didn’t even want to spend time with when forced, pretending to enjoy myself.

I did, however, end up going to my senior prom for one reason. One of my gay guy friends and his boyfriend couldn’t go together, not without a lot of drama. I grew up in a rural southern town as well, this was 1995.

So, I went as my friend’s date, with a borrowed dress, and his boyfriend went with his female best friend. We stuck together as a group of four all night, dancing together in the group even, so that it wouldn’t seem odd that sometimes, the guys were dancing together, because us girls were as well. We did our prom picture together, and made sure we behaved like our silly selves, and had one done where the boys were “holding” each other like a couple, and the other girl and I did the same.

We managed to make it through the entire night without anyone questioning our behavior. I’m sure they just thought we were drunk.

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