Thank you for sharing this. Not being judgmental, just speaking the truth, I can tell by the way you described things here that you’re still working on accepting that you were abused, true abuse, as a child. There is nothing okay about being slapped, shoved, “spanked” with objects. There’s no need to belittle your experience. Sure, others have dealt with worse, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that you grew up in a very abusive situation.

I hope that writing about it helps. I know it does for me.

Fred Rogers was such an advocate for mental health and love because he had a son who was very mentally ill. He was a patient at The Menninger Clinic in the late 80’s. I met him and Mr. Rogers there when my father was also a patient.

Thank you again for sharing this, and for being one of the brave ones to break the cycle. Be well.

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