Thank you, James. Like I said, right now, she is doing okay. Her mom and aunt are down there with her and her sons have rallied around her. My biggest concern is when everyone goes home. We are 12 hours away (her entire family, everyone she grew up with) and she doesn’t have anyone down there. I will be surprised if she doesn’t end up coming home.

And thank you. He is having his gallbladder removed a few days after the new year. There’s something going on with it, they’re not sure what exactly, but it will need to be sent off for testing once the surgery is completed. After that, he’ll have a procedure to inflate one of his lungs. It’s partially collapsed and no one can figure out why. It makes it impossible to lie flat and he gets winded doing most anything.

He’s only 26.

To say my nerves are shot is an understatement.

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