Thank you James for always taking the time to read and thoughtfully respond.

It hasn’t gotten any better, honestly.

In a similar situation, 10 years later, police were called. My third husband, who was a veteran of the USMC, completely flipped shit. Before that night, he never laid a hand on me, ever. We had problems, but violence was never an issue. January 25, 2015 he snapped. He physically assaulted me, my best friend, and her female partner in the span of moments. He also threatened to shoot everyone in the house. There were children there.


We were all told we would have to go to the magistrate’s office and file charges. My friends were told they would have to get a restraining order, but in order for it to be placed into effect, they would have to move out of my home. Since it was HIS home as well.

They asked him to leave, and he did comply. And that’s the only reason I was able to keep him out. I packed all his shit and put it in the street that night. When he attempted to come home the next day, I called the police again. Since nothing that belonged to him was in the home, they made him leave.

Utterly fucking ridiculous.

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