Thanks, Danny. I get a bit fired up with judgmental people, especially when they judge from afar, so to speak. I don’t do well with judging, but especially when they judge from their glass houses, and aren’t doing a damn thing to affect the change they expect from others. Thank you for your response. I look forward to reading more. I dont remember if I commented on it, but I absolutely love the first photo on this post. It reminds me a bit of some slides I was just viewing. My grandparents were world travelers, and I have all of their slides. I have to find the converter I got years ago so that I can convert them to jpgs. There was one, of these Chinese children, they had just visited the Great Wall, I think it would have been in the early 70’s based on the age of my Aunts in the photos. There was a group of about 5 children. They were smiling and clapping (you could tell by their hands and how they were frozen in time in the photo). They were so happy to pose for the photos, happy to see the Americans. I remember my grandfather showing us the slides years later (I wasn’t born until 77, so it would have been the mid 80’s probably) and telling us that these children had nothing, they were living in burned out buildings. But they knew when the tourists came, they would get candy, treats, etc. And they were just happy. Always smiling. I went straight home, packed up all of my toys, books, and most of my clothes. I told my grandfather that I wanted to send it all to China. He just smiled, patted me on the head, told me I was a good girl, and said, “I don’t know where to send it, but if you want, we’ll take a few things to the Catholic Church downtown, okay?” So we did. I haven’t stopped since.

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