This right here. Actually, the whole damn article. Great work.

I assume, like with most things, how well a stripper does money wise has to do with where they are working. Area wise. I live by a college town, we had 2 strip clubs, owned by the same company. Now, there’s only the “higher” end one. The other, that closed, actually had better dancers. The ladies that worked there actually worked their asses off. Most were highly intelligent, fun to converse with, and put on a great show.

The club that stayed open, not so much. The girls there posed with the pole more than danced. After talking to a couple of them, I learned that’s what management wanted. They were supposed to be higher class than their sister club.

What? Who goes to a strip club to watch people walk around on stage? Not me. But I guess I’m not a “typical” customer either.

Regardless, these women were still putting themselves out there and working hard, and not for a lot of money, unless the club was very busy. They had to pay to be there, “house fees”, tip the waitresses, bartenders, and security.

But come amateur night, everyone thought they could do it better.

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