Tim Denning this is a wonderful way to see the world. I’ve been a position to give, and done so with no thought for myself later.

However, unfortunately, I have learned that not having money does change things, a lot. Being unable to know if I’ll be able to pay my electric bill each month, buy diapers for my son, continue to put food on the table, fuel in our vehicle so my husband can make it to day labor. Poverty changes everything. So yes, I write in order to affect change in other people’s lives, but also in my own.

To achieve something even close to $2500 in a month would mean meeting the needs of my family comfortably. $25k once or even twice would mean changing our lives for better forever.

Thank you for sharing.

I think, therefore, I write. ccuthbertauthor@gmail.com /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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