To the people who think there’s an age limit on this, I’m so sorry you feel that way. As for a child being ‘exposed’ to their parent’s naked form, they always have the choice to not look. If you know your parent is going to be nude in their room, don’t go in their room until you know they’re dressed. It’s pretty simple.

For me, putting some kind of time limit or age limit on this defeats the whole purpose of what Shannon is trying to accomplish here. It’s not over-correcting, it’s living her life comfortably and teaching her daughter that she also has the same choice.

The operative word being CHOICE.

The less we shame and stigmatize bodies, the healthier our children grow up. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but what we’re not entitled to is to judge someone else for their life choices. You can respectfully disagree or even better, click the ‘x’ and remove yourself from the conversation.

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