VC Andrews books were my first glimpse into just how much I loved taboo. I found Heaven on the bookshelf when I was 10 or 11. It was my Mom’s. She read it, but I guess she thought she put it high enough on the shelf that I wouldn’t dig it out. Little did she know, I had gone through everything on the shelves that even remotely interested me, and had started climbing.

She read mostly trashy Harlequin romance novels. Not my cup of tea even now. I was surprised to find something dark on the shelf. I loved it. When we would go to used book stores, I sought out the rest of her books on my own and ended up with all of them.

Now that I’m older, I don’t mind romance, but there has to be some kind of twist. Either murder, crime of some kind, mayhem, something. Romance can’t be the focal point. Unless it’s erotica, then I don’t mind. Probably because it’s still not the focal point, ha!

great read, thanks for sharing.

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