What’s the Real Truth About Freelancing?

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Freelancing is hard. Anyone who has truly tried their hand at, and will be honest with you, will tell you that. I’ve read more self-help articles, handbooks, worksheets, etc. than I care to think about. All the information rolls together in my mind, saying the same things over and over.

Buy my course. In just 7 days I can teach you blah blah blah, ad nauseam.

There are a handful of people out there who truly have the information at hand to help you get started, and who will do this free. Yes, they also have a product they can offer that you must pay for, after the freebie. They are here to make money, just the like majority of us. But they are honest about it.

And that’s where the line is, at least for me. Honesty and integrity.

Because of health issues, working from home is my only option. I am of an age where those 1–800 work from home scams posted on every telephone pole in town. Thankfully, I did not fall prey to any of them, but I know people who did. Some of these so called self-help gurus are just modern day mail scammers, it seems.

There is no easy path to freelancing. It’s a lot of work, a lot more than getting up each day and going to a M-F 9–5 job. There at least, you’re almost guaranteed a paycheck as long as you show up. With freelancing, you need to figure out what your marketable skill is and MARKET it.

I have never been good with marketing. I don’t do well selling myself. I was an insurance agent for almost 10 years, but the clients came to me. I worked in an office where the owner did all the cold calling, etc and myself and two other ladies were always in the office. I was licensed, but I was basically a glorified secretary. I could sell and quote policies, just like my boss, but since he was the boss, he got all the money, and I just got paid an hourly wage.

But I was perfectly fine with that, because I got a guaranteed paycheck every week. And I needed that. I had two young children and a husband who refused to work. I couldn’t afford to wait on a commission that may or may not come.

I have profiles on UpWork, Freelance, Patreon, Twitter; I run a book review blog, my account here, etc. I am marketing myself every single day. I am a writer, I edit, I offer book reviews (for free, I’ll never charge for that), I am a copywriter, I can even do bookkeeping. I bust my ass approximately 10 hours a day putting myself out there, to be a freelancer.

And somewhere in there, I also work on the books I am trying to write. I’m trying to learn to code. I’m taking a couple of free college courses online. I am doing whatever I can to better myself, to make myself more marketable.

This is freelancing, this is difficult. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s world. Is it worth it?

I think, therefore, I write. ccuthbertauthor@gmail.com /Posts may contain affiliate links.

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