Yes, so far, they are following it as close to the letter as possible, considering what information they have. Alfred is supposed to be Alfred the Great. At the end of midseason 5, he was crowned King instead of his brother, who technically should have been King, since he is the blood heir.
I have not read the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, but I will find it and do so. I love history as well. Sadly, I guess I should say, not so much the history of my own country, as I find it boring as hell. Some of it isn’t, but most of it is. Probably because we are such a young country. And because it was shoved down our throats in school, and only what they wanted us to know. But that goes for any history, and subject for that matter.

My thirst for knowledge probably grew thanks to school. The lack of information being passed down, actually. I found gaps in education to be so frustrating, so I would go off on my own and look for more. This also got me in a world of trouble. I questioned everything. Most teachers did not like this at all. They wanted to teach what was on the curriculum and not be questioned about the accuracy of what they were saying.

Lindisfarne was the monastery I was talking about in my previous note, where Alfred went to see where his father, Athlestan was a monk. I presume that Athlestan is the monk referred to in the Chronicles, if they are staying true to history in the show, as he is the monk who managed to leave the monastery. Obviously, the Northmen did take others, but he seems to be the only one who lived. I don’t know if, in history, the monk ended up doing as he did, converting to the Northmen’s ways, then finding his way back to Christianity, etc. But it definitely made for an interesting story arc.

I am part Scandanavian, so Viking/Scandavian history and mythology has always intrigued me as well. I would love to see your tattoo sometime. I have many, but so far, only one that is Viking related. I have the rune for health on my right forefinger. My son laughs and tells me I have the “bluetooth” symbol on my finger. Of course, then I had to go into a rant about how actually, it is only part of the bluetooth symbol and where did he think the damn symbol came from to begin with?

My children should know better than to get me started by now :)

Take care my friend.

PS: I searched how to pronounce your name today! I have been saying it to myself incorrectly, and felt horrible. I figured as much as we converse, even if I’m saying it only in my head, I should be saying it correctly.

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